Sunday, March 13, 2005

Two quickk body weight loss/toning questoins!?

1.) if you work out every day then just stop for ten days(no where indoors to workout & crappy weather) does your body start gainging weight more quickly?

2.) OKAY so I want to get smokin legs & butt for swim and shorts season, I'm pear shaped( waist 25 in., butt 38 in.) so if i have about 16 weeks left, if I work out everyday using the p90x legs and back workout vid. and also doing yoge, and running once it gets warmer, will I be nice and toned by then?

Answer on Two quickk body weight loss/toning questoins!?

1. this answer actually varies. do you change your exercise routine everyday? or do you spend the same amount of time on a workout and don't change the intensity? if it's always the same routine, than your body knows to store extra fat for your next workout instead of burning the unwanted fat that you already may have. this will cause weight gain. so for example, do yoga one day and run another day. or do a short but intense workout one day, and a long and light workout the next day. if you are already doing different workouts each day, than you won't gain any weight. it's not like your going to gain much just makes it harder for you to develop muscle which is what causes you to lose weight. the more muscle you have, the more fat you burn. that's why people say "feed muscle, burn fat"

2. all of those exercises will help you tone your legs and butt. try workouts that target those muscles. some great exercises are: lunges, leg tucks, squats, the chair pose, 360 kicks, leg scissors, sideways leg lifts, and knee tucks. if you go on google images you can see what these workouts are. remember, it takes a while to gain muscle so keep up the hard work. it won't happen on its own.

good luck:)