Thursday, March 24, 2005

Why am i uncomfortable with my friend's parents?

my best friend ( ill call her j) and i do a lot of stuff together. like my mom drives her, her brother, and me to school everyday. and j's parents payed for me to go to a week of summer camp with her. ive known j for 4 years and i still feel weird when i go to her house. her parents make me really uncomfortable, especially her mom. there just so nice. like my mom broke her wrist the other day so her parents have been driving me to school ( they offered to even though by dad could do it). and yesterday, i forgot my lunch and her dad asked me if i wanted him to make me one. i mean that's so nice! but whenever they offer to do stuff like this i feel so weird, like im taking advantage of them. i have other friends that ive only known for like a year and i feel completely normal around there parents. why do i still feel this way? could it be because j's family is rich?(they've been to italy, germany, there house is huge, and that camp they sent me to was like 700 dollars!) please help! i hate this feeling x(

Answer on Why am i uncomfortable with my friend's parents?

It's ok. It does feel weird to me when I'm around people who are so generous, especially when they have lot's of money. I think it's because so many people are greedy and argue alot nowadays and they don't really care who they argue in front of, so it seems strange to see a happy couple or are consider and generous not just with themselves, but others too. It's really nice of her dad to make you lunch and taking you to school. They trust you and think your a good influence on their child, so take it as a compliment. Try to be very nice and helpful towards them and when your around them, and the weirdness you feel will start to fade, you'll even get used to it.