Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Can you make me a decent blue white deck with these cards?

1 kitesail
1 pennon blade
1 surrakar banisher
1 preordain
1 sky ruin drake
1 jwari scuttler
1 snapping drake
1 horned turtle
1 unsummon
1 merfolk looter
1 sea gate oracle
1 windrider eal
1 augury owl
1 fleeting distraction
1 essence scatter
1 sleep
1 divination
2 cancel
1 mind control
1 jace's erasure
1 veteran swordsmith
1 lone missionary
1 brave the elements
1 caravan hurda
1 palace guard
1 iona's judgment
2 soul warden
1 harms way
1 safe passage
1 serra angel
1 sunspring expedition
1 whitesun's passage
1 sheildmate's blessing
2 journey to nowhere
3 pacifism
13 plains mana
13 island mana
1 elite vanguard
1 veteran armorsmith
1arrow volley trap
1 soul warden
2 repel the darkness
1 kor sanctifiers
1 veteran armorsmith
1 mammoth umbra
1kor line-slinger
2 kor hookmaster
1 griffin sentinel
1 apex hawks
1 makindi griffin
1 roc egg
1 totem-guide hartebeest
2 cloud crusader
1 hyena umbra
1 stalwart sheild-bearers
1 blinding mage
1 stormfront pegasus
1 armored ascension
1 kor firewalker
1 ajani's mantra
1 holy strength
1 fleeting distraction
1 scroll theif
1 paralyzing grasp
1 ether figment (or ather figment. the a and e are combined)
and some more mana

im not looking for anything amazing, because im pretty sure these cards suck, but can you make me a decent, maybe even good blue/white deck with these cards?

please and thank you

Answer on Can you make me a decent blue white deck with these cards?

it would be much more preferable to us if you went on some deck builder site, and made your deck so we could view it via from on there. but you should have a little more consistency, there are way too many 1's and 2's, you should have some complete play sets of your key cards. Also Jace, the mind sculptor or don't play blue.