Monday, May 2, 2005

Help! New Digital Camera Problems ?

Hi there! My mom just bhought me a digital cam from Italy and sent it to me and the cam is great but the battery takes only 30 minutes charging! is it normal???? i can psend a whole day using it or even 2 days but i dont think its normal that it only takes 30 minutes charging! Please help

Answer on Help! New Digital Camera Problems ?

The time does seem a little short!

It could be 'Fast Charging' but I doubt that even that would complete so quickly! A fast charger will reduce the overall life-span of the battery, so I always try to avoid these!

Keep track of the amount of time your camera is actually switched on, before the battery runs out.... and do this for several charges to see if it is roughly the same time!

I would possibly suspect the charger might be at fault.... Can you borrow a charger from someone else with the same camera to compare?

Get someone to check the voltage of the fully charged battery with a Voltmeter to ensure the correct voltage.... again this might indicate the charger is at fault!

If all still seems to be ok after the above..... sit back and enjoy, as it sounds too good to be true!

Hope this Helps!