Monday, May 23, 2005

Where to go on holliday??

me and 3 other friends are going on a 2 week holliday in august to celebrate my friend's 18th.we aren't really goin to go out clubbin but instead we are goin to relax,have quality time together and most of all get a tan.we want to go somehwere in europe but dont wan to go to these places(spain,canarie islands + portugal+italy)can you suggest somwhere please?

Answer on Where to go on holliday??

Hi Friend, If you want really enjoyable and unforgettable vacation then you should go to INDIA, India is a very colorful and rich cultural country in all over world, i think is very nice destination for your vacation because i have recently return from India to my holiday trip, i would like recommend a tour agency for your travel arrangement that's URL is i have used the travel services from this agency , best of luck