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Trying to diagnose cause of chihuahua sudden blindness followed by a seizure a month later.?

Female chihuahua, 10 years old, became blind in a very short time, maybe a month. She then adjusted well, but had a seizure, although she didn't lose consciousness. She had 7 seperate events lasting about a minute with intervals of about 15 minutes between. Gritting of teeth, body stretchted out taut with paws spread, and jumping like being shot out of a rocket were the types of behavior. No loss of urinary or bowel control. Took to vet and was put on Prednisone and Phenobarbital. Told she most likely had a brain tumor although we can't afford an MRI to be sure.
Dog had no seizures for 3 days following prescription, but we felt she was over medicated because she was unmanageable and all of the side effects are in line with the drugs, just to the 10th degree. Reduced medication to be in line with suggested standards for weight and suspected causes. causes.

HISTORY: Chihuahua has been in perfect health for almost 10 years with exception of excessive hunger ( although she has been spoiled ) and normal dental problems for chis. We first noticed lack of playing followed by unusual lethargy. We took her to vet who gave her a clean bill of health. About 2 weeks later, her vision problems became very noticeable. So after trying to get an appointment with an Ophthalmologist, we finally traveled 100 miles away to an emergency hospital where we had her tested. We were very disappointed with the Ophthalmologist, considering he was a specialist, but none the less, learned she was in perfect health, except for eyes. Glaucoma, SARDS and cataracts were almost completely ruled out. Optic neuritis seemed to be the culprit. No meds at this time. However, we decided on meds a few weeks later. She had adjusted well to blindness. Then the seizure came, completely out of no where. The rest is at the beginning. I am trying to figure out the MOST likely cause. Our vet has given us PALLIATIVE care. I am not ready to concede until I know for myself, no more can be done. I am looking for CURATIVE options, but obviously need to know what is to be cured. Given what I have seen and studied, although I am not a doctor, I have listed a few of the MOST likely causes. If anyone can help me with the distinctions between them to help further figure out what is going on with my belove chi.

1. Brain Tumor 5. Meningioma
2. Idiopathic Encephalitis 6. Menigitis
3. Bacterial Encephalitis
4. GME

Your help would be greatly be appreciated. I understand that any advice is just that, I hope it will help me with my due diligence.

Answer on Trying to diagnose cause of chihuahua sudden blindness followed by a seizure a month later.?

Unfortunately a family friend was in this same situation. A boxer puppy that we'd given to the family about a year and a half ago was in great health as well until 2 months ago. She had a seizure and for the next 12 hours she had one ever 30 minutes to an hour. They found out it was a tumer she'd had since birth and took her home to pass peacefully. If your dog has a sudden on set of symptoms like you're said it could be a brain tumer or some less serious neurological disorder. The best thing to do at this point is to make her comfortable and do what you feel is best for your dog. Sometimes we have to make sacrificeses for the ones we love. If you have the money and a good chance at saving your dog go for it but always keep in mind what is best for her. I hope your dog gets better and that you keep the strength you have to help her. My prayer be with you for only good things.

What is a good Cardio routine for weight loss at the gym?

Ok im not going to lie I'm extremely overweight but I've decided it's time to do something about it! I signed up with a gym so I have access to all the usual equipment. I.e elliptical trainers. Step mahines, bikes, treadmill, rowing machine, lots of strength training machines. And of course the swimming pool.

Usually I do 10-15 mins to warm up on the treadmill. 20-30 on the elliptical trainer 10 on the bike then off to the pool for usually about 15 lengths.
Truth is I'm getting a bit bored. Could anyone suggest sone alternative routines so I can spice it up a bit?

Also any hints and tips on getting the most out of my workout would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance guys!

Answer on What is a good Cardio routine for weight loss at the gym?

I really like to do interval training for cardio. I go really hard for 40-50 seconds and then rest/almost completely stop for about 30 seconds or more (I wait for my heart rate to fall to about 145 beats per min). I usually like to do this on the bike but I've also done in on the elliptical. I also find it easier to get through the cardio if I have a magazine to flip through. Good luck :)

Justin bieber fans crazy?

i mean they are nuts. why are these crazy fans bitching about selena gomez. im not a bieber fan but im glad the guy found someone. but recently i heard a fan punched her wich is way outta line. do these fans actually think they got a shot with the guy. he doesnt even know who they are. he writes songs to make money to support himself and his fam. thats his job an entertainer not the guy who opens up his entire personal life too the public aka reality t.v show star.

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