Saturday, June 18, 2005

Will you pray for my aunt? She's really sick!?

My aunt Martha is really sick. They just diagnosed her with intestinal, bladder, and uteran cancer. She is a cervical cancer survivor. Heres the thing: My uncle is a yacht boat captain. They are currently in Italy. Shes really weak, and in the hospital. Shes on a constant I.V. My uncle was supposed to start moving the boat yesterday. Thats not whats going to happen. They were going to take an E-Vac (Emergency Evacuation) from Italy, but its $2,000 and they don't have that kind of money laying around. So now they will be on a 10 hour flight back to the U.S. They land in New York. They have to seek treatment there b/c where they are from in Colorado is not equiped to handle this severe of a case. So please pray for them as they go through tomorrow and the coming treatments. Thanks!

Answer on Will you pray for my aunt? She's really sick!?

Yes I will pray for your aunt and the rest of your family,I know God can heal her if its his will and prayer really works . Don't lose faith and trust in Jesus no matter what happens he loves you and your aunt.