Thursday, September 15, 2005

Why Can't I lose Weight?

Hello Everyone! I am 25 and All my life I have never weighed more that 160lbs 5'4"...I had my daughter 4 years ago and I went from 156lbs- 225lbs during pregnancy; after i had her I lost all the weight almost, I had got down to 172 wearing a size 8...I moved to california in 2008 and gained every pound back I weigh 210 :-( I have tried every type of weight loss pill there is, slim fast, fasting, only eating baked foods(fish, poultry and lean beef), vegetables and fruits, i drink atleast 32oz of water a day..I have tried working out 30-60mins of cardio each day and that didn't stomach started to tighten up but i have lost no weight.. nothing is working can someone help me! My blood is being tested for thyroids and diabetes, i have fibroids on my uterus, i have not had a menstral in over a year, and i was on birth control for 4 consecutive years up until 5 months ago.

Answer on Why Can't I lose Weight?

Despite what the commercials try to tell you, weight gain (or weight loss) is simply the difference between calories consumed and calories expended. It is easier to reduce calorie intake by eating less calories than to burn it off through exercise, but you need both (it also tones you up).

Whether a calorie is a potato chip or a soyburger makes no difference to weight loss. A calorie is a calorie is a calorie.

However, a calorie full of good vitamins is better for your body overall then empty calories.

One reason diets do not work is that you will never keep depriving yourself of calores. Also, if you eat too few calories, your metablism slows down substantially. Thus, while you consume far too calories, you also burn fewer calories doing the same task.

Some things to think about:

a. Eat a breakfast. It gets your metabolism going and tells your body that you will be getting food all day, so that you will burn more calores. This is important.

b. Exercise. This speeds your metabolsim. So, while you only burn 150 calories running a mile, a mile walk or run will speed your metablism so you burn an additional 150 calories per day doing normal tasks.

c. Stop with the weight loss pills. They do not work.

d. Join weight watchers or another group to support you. One good thing about WW is they teach you to record everything you eat. Those little thins add up.

You can do this. But remember one thing ... it took you years to gain the weight. Do not try to lose it all at once. If you can lose just 1.5 pounds per month, you will lose 18 pounds a year. This is doable, for you will not feel like you need to cut out everything in food that you enjoy.

You can do this. But it is entirely up to you.