Friday, October 21, 2005

Mafias, mafias, mafia......confusion?

i've seen a lot of people asking "which mafia is stronger russian, mexiacan, italian blah blah blah" i just wanted to say in my opinion.....

Aren't the "true" mafias the Italian Mafia? the mafioso started in italy and is still alive in italy to this day. They may call them the Russian Mafia or the Mexican Mafia but in my eyes they are just undercover gangs/undercover societies, and i will never see them as true mafias

its true that the Italians might not be the strongest right not but in history they are. people say the Russian Mafia is the strongest but raiding streets, beating up cops they dont really seem "hidden" and undecover to me, to me they are more like 'gangs/mobsters".

Whats your opinion on this?

Answer on Mafias, mafias, mafia......confusion?

My opinion is that it depends which area of the world you are looking in.

If you are in Mexico, the drug cartels there share power. If you are in Russia, the Russian Mafia has more power etc.