Sunday, October 23, 2005

England will dominate the champions league again?

looking at the draw today here is how i see the english ties going:

Chelsea vs juventus (3-1 agg)

chelsea will beat juve comfortably at home maybe 2-0, they wil draw at the alpi

Arsenal vs roma (agg:4-1)

comfortable arsneal win once again at home, draw or perhaps arsenal win at romas place, the roma win at chelsea was mssleading (there not that good of a side)

Liverpool vs real madrid (agg 2-1)

this will be close, in fact i cannot predict the leg scores but liverpool will prevail

and finally to the tie of the round....

Man utd vs Inter Milan (agg 1-0)

despite the awesome attacking threat from both teams i can see them being cancelled out from eachother, a wonder goal from united will perhaps settle this as they are superior to inter.

To sum up, ennglish teams dominte europe these days, Italy will have to accept this after the 1st knock out round, Any of them could win it (arsenal perhaps not, there in a bit of termoil).

Answer on England will dominate the champions league again?

They will all get through. We'll have at least ONE English team, maybe TWO will reach the final.