Thursday, December 1, 2005

Can I bring my King size mattress to Italy?

My husband is in the army and we are being stationed in Vicenza, Italy. I heard bedrooms are super small. I would rather have my king size mattress and leave some furniture behind. Will there be room to fit the bed? Also, is it true that they do not have closets?

Answer on Can I bring my King size mattress to Italy?

The size of the rooms really depends if you end up in an old house or a newer one, and if you will be living on base or off. The person who said about the sheets is correct. They use different sizes there.

For closets, don't worry. Go to the Ikea online site, and take a look at the closet systems they have. They are fantastic, I have a whole wall of them, and all my friends are jealous. Just go to an Ikea store when you get to Italy. Since space might be an issue, get a set that includes the drawers in the bottom and hanging on top like mine. You can also get beds from Ikea that will fit in the rooms.

Good luck, have fun. I am soooooo jealous. I wish I could move there.