Monday, December 5, 2005

A course to take at University/college?

Ok, i recently graduated with a diploma in Network Administration and I'm going on to Uni/college now. I am enrolled to a computer course but I'm having second thoughts. I would really love to learn Italian. My dad's side is italian plus i'm going to visit Italy for a month this year in July. I don't know, I've recently started to study the language by myself using primsleur, rossetta stone, whatever I can get my hands on. But I would really love to study this level at Univercity level. My parents don't want me to do it and think its a real waste of time but I mean ive got the rest of my life to the computer course anyhow. Any suggestions, on what to do and hard is is to learn a language at Uni/college


Answer on A course to take at University/college?

I don't think learning Italian is a waste of time, but my first question is - what are you going to do with this? Is this a major you're going to pursue, or just a side course while you're doing something else. My concern is that you're going to have a degree in Italian, but no possible career opportunities with that. Say what you want about Network Administration, but you can get a job in it.