Monday, December 19, 2005

Weebly or Webs (read description)?

Im hoping to make a website soon for my Youtube ( but im not sure what site would be best. I will be posting lots of videos and updates. Also can either one connect these updates to my facebook page and/or twitter bc that would be so aweosme. A long time ago i used to use freewebs, which is now webs so i might be more familiar with that type. also i dont want to have to learn all the html codes and that crap. something simple. are there any other cool features or apps on either site? (games, quizzes, etc) and im a youtube partner so i make $$ from google adsense, can i connect adsense to either in the future?(im not going to pay for a url or anything). please cast your opinions, Thanks!

Answer on Weebly or Webs (read description)?

I think with Weebly, you have unlimited hosting space so you can upload your videos there. Once you uploaded your video and other content, you can hit "Publish" and I think you have an option to update your Facebook page to people following you will know of the update. Weebly also supports Adsense, I believe.

I would suggest that you sign up for Weebly (free) and check out what they can do, if you haven't done so already.

One thing to disclose is that I haven't used Webs before so I can't really comment on their capabilities. Check out this website to see if you like their website design, and if some of the Weebly templates may potentially be helpful in your promotion of your Youtube videos!

Here's the link -

Virtual villagers 4 the tree of life: will vote best answer?

Can't get my cloth percentage to increase no matter how many times I boil pulp and lay it out!

Answer on Virtual villagers 4 the tree of life: will vote best answer?

Wow, it's been a long time since I've played this game...

Okay, after you've layed it out, keep dropping adults onto the cloth pulp until they've finished making the cloth; I remember that it was sort of labor intensive and annoying, so I eventually stopped making cloth and just let the villagers run around in whatever clothes they already had.