Friday, December 23, 2005

Do you ever feel you just can't start really living life until...?

... fill in the blank.

e.g, "Until I have more money... until my kids are grown.. until I get out of a bad relationship..."

I know this sounds silly but I feel like I can't really start to "live" until I lose a good 25 lbs. and I'm really struggling with it. (I'm not looking for diet tips here, just curious if anyone else feels something needs to happen until they can start living their dreams.)

Answer on Do you ever feel you just can't start really living life until...?

Seems are minds are once again on the same track. It used to be when the girls are grown, changed that to mature, (grown and mature are not interchangeable) then it was if I didn't have to work. Children are mature and I no longer have to work just to have enough money to live comfortably. I was set, just my husband, the two Yorkies, an RV and me. We traveled everywhere in the RV, everything we needed and wanted was right there. We had no hard fast itinerary and it was wonderful. Last year a series of unusual events almost took my life. I overcame all the physical disabilities, with the exception of undiagnosed pain. I was just thinking this morning that if I could win the lottery I could search out a doctor, no matter where in the world they were, and get a definitive diagnosis and hopefully a remedy. Then my husband, the Yorkies and I could take up where we left off.