Tuesday, January 3, 2006

I can't move on.......?

I moved countries in July and i really miss my old country, I had loads of friends everyone was friendly i was always out, i liked my house and everything. Everytime i go on facebook, its only to connect with my old friends.

I moved to Italy, and English is not one of the known languages, in my school it is, however mainly everyone is italian. so they tend to stick to themselves.

i have made a few friends, but nothing will beat my experiences in my old country.

How do i get over it?

The good side here is that im in a band and we might have a gig. But thats one of the only good sides.

Answer on I can't move on.......?

Just give it some time. It takes a while to get settled into a new place. Especially when you don't know the language. Just keep trying to be social with new people and be friendly. That way, at least everyone will know you as the nice guy even thought you're foreign.

Moving to Australia ( please help ! )?

Hello , i will move to Australia ( job ) , i am moving to Canberra and i have somes questions ( somes are important , others , not that important ).
1 ) How is Canberra if you compeer it with Usa or Europe ( Italy or Spain ) .
2 ) How are the prices in Canberra ? is it cheap ?
3 ) I have somes questions about education , my son is going to the university and he would like to study Medicine at Australian National University , How he can applicant ? , How much to study there ?
4 ) Can i live in Canberra with out car ?
5 ) How can i get the Australian Nationality ? , with what type of visa i can get t he nationality ? , in how much time can i get the nationality ?
6 ) From Australia is really expensive travel to my country , specially from canberra , how much a bus or train ticket to sydney or melbourne ? it it far ? (
Thank You Very Much , Sorry for my English . I know than i have so much questions .

ps : i am moving for 9 years .

Answer on Moving to Australia ( please help ! )?

G'day Albert,

Thank you for your question.

1) Canberra has a reasonable dry continental climate with hot summers and relatively cold (by Australian standards) winter. It has a good quality of life rated as the 26th best city in the world.

2) Canberra would generally have higher prices than Spain or Italy but it would depend where.

3) He could apply to ANU. If he was a permanent resident of Australia, he may be able to defer paying the cost of studies until he is earning a good income. It is also a graduate entry degree so he can study an undergraduate degree.


4) I have lived in Canberra for thirty years without a car so it can be done. It is easier if you live close to a town centre or the city centre but the bus system is fairly extensive.


5) If your visa allows you to live in Australia permanently (which seems to be the case) you can apply to become a citizen.


6) Canberra is 8 hours by road from Melbourne and 3.5 by road to Sydney. Both bus fares and plane fares are reasonably cheap. You can also travel by train but services aren't as frequent.