Thursday, January 5, 2006

Fix my morning routine?

So my weight loss goal is 50 pounds, (i weight 190 now, 5ft9in tall, 18years old)
I wanna start this new routine during spring break.

Wake up in the morning around 6:15-6:30
20pushups 20 crunches, 20 push ups, 20 crunches
a few floor stretches (to improve flexibility)

-light snack-
I was thinking apples, a piece of whole wheat bread with peanut butter
and water? Im not sure yet, so please suggest anything

-go on a run-
Im going to run to my old middle school, do a mile on the track,
then run back home. Its a good work out cause i have to go up/down hill

come back home, do my morning routine,

Im open for suggestions
so far i have oatmeal down.

go to school,
for lunch: ham or turkey sandwich with lettuce and mayonnaise and country time lemonade
and some gold fish crackers
-suggest anything please-

dinner may vary cause idk what my mom will cook
but is there any suggestions?
and when should i eat?

at night I can go for a walk...
I was also thinking of buying a bike..

if you have any other suggestions PLEASE tell me

I also want to buy a scale!

Answer on Fix my morning routine?

I like your attitude. I have a couple of suggestions. simply suggestions - you seem to have it together pretty good.
1) Oatmeal - get a box of regular, unflavored oatmeal. You can put a package or 2 of equal or something else like that in it to give it a really good flavor.
2) Bike is a great idea - for variety as well as for transportation. it is beautiful out this time of the year - get out and enjoy! Maybe you could find a used one in classified ads?
3) Eat what your mom cooks for dinner. you will need a good variety of veggies, etc. and moms seem to know how to knock out that really good stuff anyway. Use Portion Control!!!!
4) Do not buy a scale. look at yourself in the mirror - feel how you feel. do not tie this to a number.
5) skip the mayo. it is pure fat. or if you must, use very sparingly