Thursday, January 19, 2006

What is the value of my Splendid Music Box?

My wife has an old music box given to her by her Grandmother. With the economy as it is we need to make money and want to check the value of it before listing on ebay. It is in perfect condition in every way. Brand name is Splendid Made in Italy swiss movement plays Gipsy Baron Waltz and has print on it called La Tzigane. If anyone knows the value or where I could find it I would thank you for your help. I do not know the actual age but Grandma died at the age of 101 and said she got it as a young girl.

Answer on What is the value of my Splendid Music Box?

I couldn't find anything about it online, nor have I ever heard of it. For that reason I would conclude eBay isn't your best option if you wish to sell it, as it sounds like a fine piece. Perhaps an auction house, as it's clearly very old. If it's in such good condition, it could even be a collectors item.

The reason I suggest not using eBay is that it's known for everything going at low prices, rather than fair prices, and the people who're internet-savvy enough to use eBay aren't usually the target audience for fine antiques.

Good luck selling it