Sunday, February 26, 2006

History Homework Help?? Rome?

I cant figure out these questions for a crossword puzzle thingy
1. Wealthy romans bought up the land pf dispossessed farmers and created large what?
2. during the second punic war and the invasion of italy by the Carthaginian hannibal, many roman farms were what?
3. what was Hannibal's secret weapon against the roman army's?
4. What enemy of rome was a prosperous phoenician city?
5. what did carthage have all around the mediterranean sea?
6. to the romans war was a great source of what?
7. rome was able to raise a large army by treating conquered peoples as what?
8. what was the most important event of the 2nd and 3rd punic war, and the roman civil war ?

Answer on History Homework Help?? Rome?

1: Latifundia.
2: Destroyed by being burned.
3: Elephants might the answer your teacher wants, but in reality all except one of them died during the crossing of the Alps; there are NO mentions of any elephants in primary sources about Hannibal's campaign in Italy.Further, the 20 war elephants Hannibal had at the battle of Zama in 202 BC were largely ineffective, so not such a secret weapon really.
4: Carthage.
5: Trading and naval bases.
6: Slaves.
7: Allies.
8: Second Punic War - battle of Zama 202 BC.
Third Punic War - destruction of the city of Carthage 146 BC.
Assuming you mean the Great Civil War of 49 BC - 45 BC: battle of Pharsalus 48 BC.