Thursday, March 9, 2006

Can you take pepsi on an international flight?

im going to italy, and don't know if fizzy drinks (pepsi, cola, lemonade .ETC) would explode due to pressure, can anyone help?

Answer on Can you take pepsi on an international flight?

Only in the may explode in the hold due to the reduced pressure. Why are you taking Pepsi to Italy? It's available EVERYWHERE in Europe!

Alli, diet pills, and losing weight!!!?

So I was making my shopping list and wrote down Alli... I wanted to try it, but being the skeptic that I am I decided that I should do a little research! And boy am I happy I did the research first.. Oily anal discharge was a BIG side effect I read. It only happens if you eat fatty foods. Honestly, I think the thought of having an "oily discharge" would freak me out from even wanting to step foot into a burger joint, so I wouldn't be eating any fattening foods in fear of soiling my pants. So Alli is still on the table, and is still a choice for me, but my question is : Is there another weight loss supplement that can help you lose weight with dieting and exercise? Whats worked for you? I mean, because if I can find something else, and I don't have to worry about the... you know.. Then I would def give it a try. Thanks for any advice

Answer on Alli, diet pills, and losing weight!!!?

i advise you to drink green tea 1-3 glasses per day
green tea speeds up your metabolism
drink lots and lots of water 8 glasses each day.
do not snack
do not drink soda
go on the half off diet only eat half of what you would usually eat and give or throw the rest away
if you are really hungry and you've had all your daily meals snack on fruits ( oranges, apples, bananas )
exercise more try and run for at least 30 minutes a day
get more active
get more sleep it prepares your body
stretch, yes it works and it doesn't just help you lose weight it helps with you're growing to make you a little taller
count your calories try to stay under the amount of 1300 calories per day
change you're lifestyle it makes a difference
do not eat candy or chips eat more greens or protein bars
avoid fast food and cut out fried food when you cook your meal oven cook your food do not fry it
chew gum because when you chew gum you do not pick at food for example if theres some chips in you're cupboard you go to them a think good damn they look good then you would say no i cant pick at them because i dont wanna throw my gum away
do not eat after 6pm because before 6pm you can burn all you're food off and if you eat after six it will lay on you're stomach as you eat.
do not eat before you go to sleep
drink a glass of water before you go to sleep
eat spicy food, if you can because it speeds up you're metabolism
do not weigh you're self everyday because it torments you,weight you're self once a week ( every Monday )
good luck!