Thursday, April 27, 2006

I wanted to tell her off then I couldn't?

My friend was accepted into Job Corps and moved in early march. She literally didn't call me/text me for a whole month. I tried texting her a few times but she never replied. Our only contact was a few short status replies on Facebook.

Yesterday I called her with the intent of chewing her out because yes, she's leading a new chapter in her life but it's not okay to just drop me you know? When she picked up she sounded so happy (happier than I've ever heard her sound when she was living at home) that I couldn't do it and we ended up talking like nothing happened for close to an hour. Today I feel like I chickened out on giving her a piece of my mind and that bothers me.

So... how can I approach this without making her angry but making it perfectly clear you can't just stop talking to someone (let alone your "sister") for that long and have everything be all hunky dory?

Answer on I wanted to tell her off then I couldn't?

Just call her again and talk to her