Sunday, May 7, 2006

How should I move forward here?

Girl I work with been speaking 2 months and had a few dates and she has flaked 4 of my dates and is reluctant to meet it seems but we get on well she says she miss me and calls me baby/babe always she wants us to work same days.

We call eachother everyday and yesterday she called me to tell me she had a bad day at work but she was trying to get me jealous saying guys at our work were asking for her number.
I said what if I was there and they were hitting on you and I asked them to back off would you want that, she was like "No you can't because it's work" and I was like "as long as you can handle it" Anyway this ugly dude who she talks with on the phone sometimes and is total tool told asked me the other day if we talk to eachother, I said "on facebook" because she doesn't want people to know.

He annoys me saying "oh you lady given me 10 missed calls on my phone, I call her on my break too" He looked at my face and said Then he goes "I won't take her away from you don't worry" I said nothing because she told me about him how he tells people she is his girlfriend but he rings her for advice about his own girlfriend. I felt upset though because she never calls me back when she ignores my calls.

I told her but she was already upset with people at work so she felt like I put her on the spot but I didn't act like I was angry. I should of known better really. During the conversation she was like "the guy is ugly and I don't have to explain myself to anyone" I said "what you mean you don't have to explain I'm not asking you too" I told her I paid the guy no attention and just said I see you on facebook sometimes that's it.

She is like "you should of said we are just friends and nothing else" and I was like "I don't even entertain the guy and I would of said more to him but know you don't want anyone knowing anything" she was like "I'm just saying to you" then phone goes off(does it daily it's messed up) and when I call back she doesn't pick up.

She didn't raise her voice but tone when she said "I don't have to answer to anyone" was rude considering I was being polite and not putting her on the spot.

I txt her sorry I brought him up and that I won't let anyone get between us but she never responded. So next day I call and it rings once and switches off(happened a few times) then I get pissed call later and it rings for a bit, then two hours later she calls me back but I miss it because I'm working.

I call after work and again it rings and switches off twice like she is just turning it off. I leave a txt saying I was working and asking her if she is ok. I'm annoyed aswell now, surely she should see he is the one getting in between us. How much should I contact her this week?

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