Thursday, October 12, 2006

How to get this guy to like/talk to me?

The summer before last I met this guy at the local water park and we would hang out every time we went it was so awesome. I recongnized him from elementary school but I don't think he knew me. until the day we hung out. Then the next school year I would always see him in the halls and he would be staring at me like he remembered me. Ive always really liked him and I just added him on facebook so that's got me thinking about him A LOT lately. But the thing is, he's two years older than me so I don't think that he will want to talk to me, never mind DATE me. Is there some way that I can get him to talk to me again? Im in seventh grade and hes in 9th, so were in different schools, but I always see him on facebook. What can I say to him to get us talking again? I really want him to like me but I scared of talking to him again, he might think im some creepy stalker person. Just please, how can I get talking to him again, and how can I make him like me?

Answer on How to get this guy to like/talk to me?

agreed with the other answer!! be secure... to NOT put yourself in a bad spot of him thinking your weird or a stocker, messege him & say "hey! idk if you remember me, we used to talk :) ... plz dont think im weird haha <=) my name is ___ We had talked ___ (<- say when lol )... & no im not stocking its just a coincedense that i found you :D " ...

it doesnt hurt to try :) you waste nothing to at least try. Put a cute, pretty display pic & well.. YOU DONT KNOW if he WONT try a younger lady ;) ... try to be friends at first (of course) then you'll start seeing if he's interested or not :)