Sunday, December 10, 2006

When you went to ITALY, how much did it cost?

I want to go to italy with my husband for our second honey moon. Given that that will be a few years, i want to know how much to save. What do you think??

Answer on When you went to ITALY, how much did it cost?

depending on how long you stay for (which you should definatly stay for at least 2 weeks) the cost varies.

With prices of airfare because of gas, you are looking at about 700-1500 and up depending on when you go and where you are flying from.

You should plan on about 30-50 Euros for dinner if you are eating out,
breakfast is usually only about 1-3 Euros. But be advised that breakfast usually consists of just pasteries at a "bar"
Lunch you can get something like pizza (margarita) for 5-7 euros depending on where you are. Or something like a Pannini for less than 5.-my suggestion go to a market and buy food to keep at ur hotel along with bottled water or something to drink.

Than you have to consider transportation renting a car would not be a good idea, gas prices are about 1.30 euros per liter. Take a train or the subway.

Than plus prices on hotels run from any price range depending on where you want to stay.In the cities center is more expensive than the outskirts. Stay near a subway, makes everything so much easier. you can pay like 5 euros for a 1 or 2 day pass. If you are traveling from city to city dont book a hotel in advance, you never know the actual location or what it is like until you see it. (we booked off of before and ended up an hour away from where we wanted to stay!)

Than obviously spending money...

hope this helps.