Saturday, February 10, 2007

When should a love bird start weaning?

after how many days,or months, is an young lovebird supposed to weaned off of their formula, i plan to buy a hand-tamed love bird, i am prepared for this bird as i have taken care os them before, but the ones i recieved were not hand tamed a i could not determine its age. i plan to feed him/her a diet of seeds, vegetables, and fruits. i will before hand have a cage and plenty of toys for him/her. i will try to get one spacious enough for him/her to use its wings as i know it is not right for them to just hop around allday. i will also spend several hours with the bird after i come home from my school as i know love birds demand much attention to bond with.

Answer on When should a love bird start weaning?

If you feed seeds, it will most likely ignore the fruits and veggies. Try pellets or nutri-berries instead.

A lovebird should be weaned at about 2-3 months, but lots of breeders wean them at 4-6 weeks which isn't very good for the bird.