Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Why does everyone HATE Justin Bieber?

I don't get in everyone hates justin bieber and is it because he is hot and everyone wants to get attention well it isn't working!!!!!!!!

Answer on Why does everyone HATE Justin Bieber?

I can't believe I'm answering this but... well some people are probably just jealous but don't go off saying "Oh you don't like Justin Bieber that must mean your jealous." cause honestly I don't really like Justin Bieber, doesn't mean I'm jealous (which I'm not) or that I hate him (which I don't). Some people don't like him just cause they're not really into that kinda music... some don't like him cause they just don't like him. I don't like him... but not as a person... I just don't really like his music, it's just not my kinda music. But I respect him, the dude's got talent. What I don't understand is why people go so far as saying they hate him. I mean they really can't say that, they don't know him. But anyways, a lot of the people that don't like him don't mean anything personal about it. But one thing that bugs me is the fact they all these girls are like obsessed with him... honestly I wanna tell some of those chickadees "no you don't love him, you don't know him." Again, its nothing personal. I'm just not into his music and don't like the fact that some girls are such... well fan girls. doesn't mean I'm jealous, cause I'm a chick. And honestly yes he's kinda cute. but anyways, don't go any say everyone "hates" him cause that not true. there are people that like him and people that don't (not personal but music). no biggie, every star as their fans and the people that aren't really into their music, acting, ETC. all based on personal option, and everyone different.
Hope that helps!