Sunday, March 4, 2007

Any ideas on how to find a old friend?

She moved to Dillwyn Virginia 17 years ago and was in my 6th grade class. We became best friends and went through school together up until the end of our freshman year. She moved to Georgia to be with her siblings and went to Coosa High where she graduated from in 1999. I went to her graduation and talked to her a couple times after that and then lost touch. I have tried facebook, myspace, people finder, classmates, intelius people search and everything else i could think of. If anyone has any other ideas i would love to hear them. thanks so much.......

Answer on Any ideas on how to find a old friend?

Wow, sounds like you have plenty of info to go on. If you havent had any luck with social sites you could try accessing public records. Take a look here, this site may help you

Unlucky #s?

do u know any unlucky #s? and not just from your normal places. i mean from all around the world (when u tell me where it's from, tell me why its unlucky there). and NO # 13s WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY 2 classic. as many #'s as u can

EX: 17, italy
in roman numerals, 17 is XVII. if u mix the letters around u get VIXI, which means "my life is over" in latin.

Answer on Unlucky #s?

14 in china