Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dog has frequent diarrhea?

I currently have a 14 mo. old Labrador Retriever, who seems to have diarrhea way too much. Since he was about 6 months old, he's had diarrhea roughly once every other month, and I can honestly say that I've cleaned up more diarrhea than I ever thought I would in my LIFETIME. The first couple times, it happened, he had gotten into my other dogs' food, and so I figured that was what the problem was.
But he continues to get diarrhea every now and then. In the last couple days, nothing has changed in terms of feeding schedule or type of food I've been feeding him, and he's had diarrhea. I literally got no sleep last night because of the 4 separate messes I had to clean up/paranoia. He even went in his crate.
When I was cleaning it up, I noticed very small amounts of blood (no more than a drop or two per clean up).
I plan on calling the Vet tomorrow, possibly today if it gets worse.

He is acting completely normal between excretions.
He is eating Science Diet - Lamb meal & Rice - Adult Large Breed and has 24-hour access to water.
He is not Neutered (Not my choice, he's actually a Guide Dog Puppy in training, and the organization doesn't want him fixed yet)
He is current on all his shots/vaccinations.

Answer on Dog has frequent diarrhea?

First, you should be keeping the program notified of the problem each time it happens. This is enough to wash a dog out as a guide dog if it cannot be resolved. They should be advising you on how to proceed whether it is a change in food or something else.

It is not unusual to keep a candidate intact until he is fully mature and a decision can be made about whether he goes into the breeding program or out into the field. Also, being intact is going to have no effect what-so-ever with him having diarrhea. If he has food allergies, obviously he should not be used for breeding, but he also should probably not be placed as a working guide dog. Working guides need to be able to stick with a strict schedule because there are times when you can't get your dog out to toilet (like in the middle of a flight) and he needs to be able to hold it comfortably.

Second, once blood is seen in the stool it is time to see the vet. That's not something you mess around with or wait on. I'm one of the ones on Y!A that is most likely to tell a person it is okay to wait a day to see what happens, but not in this case. You can wait up to two days with plain diarrhea trying home remedies, but once blood is spotted, consider it urgent and see the vet.