Monday, April 16, 2007

What are some good excuses to convince my mom to let me sleep over :$?

I'm freakin 19 years old and i live with my orhthodox single mom and her grandparents. My grandparents have a say in everything, because they're rich and we basically live in their house. I have a bf who wants me to come over and smoke up with him. i've done this before, during my exams and i got permission then cuz i said i was staying over at my friends place to study. I had to provide every frikin detail and explanation and it was very hard. But now i have holidays and its almost impossible to get permission to go out somewhere beyond my curfew which is 6. THis is like JAIL. Can somebody tell me what reason i can give? I tried saying i have a frdns birthday and we're surprising her at her house at 12am but all i got was its not important for you to go. I could make my friends talk to her but she'll jus end up convincing them instead. I dono wtf to do im running out of ideas and i WANNA BREAK OUTA DIS JAIL.

P.s. PLEASE dont give me advice on how lying is bad, how i should jus listen to them, how i shouldnt be smoking up, how they can find out, cuz i DONT REALLY GIVE A FCK. Just give me any believable ideas, thankyou.

Answer on What are some good excuses to convince my mom to let me sleep over :$?

Just before curfew, call and explain that a friend of yours stuck you with caring for her child while she is off somewhere and you can't take the child home with you since that would be kidnapping, so you are stuck sitting the child until she comes back. It's easier to get forgiveness than permission, so just stay out and call in a lame excuse just before curfew to let them know you will be out but you are safe and that you will be home the next morning or whenever you expect to get back.
Be careful though, because you could be used as a hostage for a ransom demand and that's the reason they are so overprotective of you. I don't know what country you're in, but you say you're not in the U.S. and so my mind is going wild with guesses.

Okay, sorry, but it might help to know the culture you are in. How can anyone reasonably be expected to come up with a convincing reason if they don't know your mother's and grandmother's values?
2nd Edit:
Read the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. It is full of advice that could help you with this situation. Sean Covey, Stephen's son, published The 6 Most Important Decisions You Will Ever Make: A Guide for Teens. This guide highlights key times in the life of a teen and gives advice on how to deal with them. Both will teach you the language and words you can use to convince your parents of the importance of your freedom. Far more than I could explain here. Good luck!