Tuesday, June 26, 2007

How to understand, read, and use the New York Subway map?

I know I can read guide books about this, but none of them have been helpful. Four years ago, my family went to NY but missed out on riding the rails. Now, we're returning to the city, and riding the subway would be the best (and cheapest) way to see the city, as opposed ot taxis (which we used before... >.<). Problem is, we don't know how to read the darn map.

Before in NYC, we went to Grand Central and asked the workers there how to read the map. They started off by saying, what all New Yorkers would probably say, "Oh, it's easy. All you do is..." and then I blacked out. After three explanations, we were just as lost as before.

So, I am asking anyone out there, whether you live in NYC or not, to please provide me with a simple understanding of the subway system and how to read its map. A few questions I have:

*What do the colors, letters and numbers mean/show?
*What's the difference between them all?
*Which routes travel east-to-west and which run north-to-south?
*How many stops do trains make, and how do you know the location of their stops by the map?
*When you get off one car, how do you know where you are?
*How do you move from one train to the next (like do you return to the concourse or...what?)
*How do you know which trains take you to which part of the city (or is that what the letters/numbers/colors do)?

And, um, I can't think of any more right now. Basically, I just want help understanding how to read the map and then how to put it in use so that on our upcoming second trip, we don't get lost underground or end up... who knows where...

And please don't just link me to other sites, like the MTA site. I've been there. It doesn't help. I just want a simple guide, a few knowledgable hints, etc.

And, don't judge me, okay? I didn't grow up around the subway and the first time I encountered it was in NYC the first time, so I'm not used to it like New Yorkers would be.

Thank you for any help. I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, if it helps to explain, you can use this map for reference:

Answer on How to understand, read, and use the New York Subway map?

don't think, your only making this worse for yourself. the map is extremely straight forward and very simple if you stop over analyzing it. every stop is marked by what train stops there.

all you need is to know where you are an where you need to go. say you're at the apple store at 5th ave/59th street and you want to go to Times Square. If you look at the Map at apple, you'd find a station right there. Then look for times Square. then look at the list of letters and number next to the names

5th Ave-59th street: N,Q,R

42nd street:Times Square 1,2,3,7,A,C,E,N,Q,R,S

so N trains Q trains and R trains will make the trip.

Lets say you change your mind and want to head to the World Trade Center. You find it on the map, and notice next to it is Cortlandt Street Station, which only lists the R train. That means that you can still get on the train at 59th, but can only go on the R, (this is just an example, cortlandt is currently closed going south for construction) You might also notice that between the two, there are stops with only the N and R listed. The Q runs "express", on a seprate set of tracks in between the "local" tracks.

Now, you're done at the Trade Center and have tickets to see your hometown team play the Mets in Queens. The station is easy to find, as it's now called "Mets-Willets Point" but it's only served by #7 trains. Now, you're standing again at the Cortlandt Street R stop where you got off Simply. follow the line back up until the station name lists 7 and R, which would be Times Square. getting off the train, you simply need to follow overhead hung signs. At every staircase there is a sign. Lets say you get off the R and were at the back of the train. The first stairs you'll see just say exit, meaning they only lead back up to the street. The other stair at the far end will say still say exit, but then go on to list the other trains that serve the station. at the top of the stairs, there will be other signs hung from the celling pointing you in the direction for the train you want.

Best diet plan?? Suggestions?

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Answer on Best diet plan?? Suggestions?

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