Friday, June 29, 2007

How come when people sing...........?

their accents dont sound when they are singing? theres only a few singers ive actually seen, that actually sing with their accents showing quite alot.......coz people like p!nk (USA), justin bieber (Canada), Jessie J (UK) and shannon noll (Australia), all sound similar accents even tho they are from different countries, but people like missy higgins (Australia) and Lily Allen (UK) actually sounds like their accents while singing. how come most people dont, but when they talk their accents are so strong, but while singing.....cant notice accents? when i sing, i can use my accent (Australia)..i can sing missy higgins fine, but when i sing P!nks songs, it doesnt notice at all! why is that?

Answer on How come when people sing...........?

A lot of foreign singers singing English and for that matter, English singers singing a different language, will sing phonically. They will use the word sounds rather than the words themselves, and by doing so, loose much of their accents.

A good example of this was Abba. At least in the first few years of their remarkable career, not one of them spoke enough English to order at McDonald's, but if you hear them sing, they are much easier to understand than many who's native language is English, and you have to strain to understand them. Those you hear an accent is probably because the speak English as a second language, and sing the way they speak. The really good English singers and bands also use this technique to get rid of accents. Also, if you listen to good choral music, choruses that you can understand every word they sing, even if they have 150 voices, it is because they are singing the "word sounds" rather than the word.

The technique to do this is basically, singing the vowel sounds of the words. By singing vowels, you can match the phonetic equivalent of every word, and make it fully understandable.

It is a very good lesson to those of us who do sing in English as our native language. If we strive to sing the "word sounds" rather than the words, it will not only be more understandable, but also more musical.