Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I Need Some Advice! Should I Go On This School Trip!?!? Very Uncomfortable About It!?

Its a long story, ill try to make it as short as possible. Basically it all started about half a year ago, My school organized a trip to france/italy for anyone who is interested and im in french immersion, so our class got a head start on signing up. I wasnt that interested in going but my mom made me fell very guilty saying things like "When I was in high school, me and my friends had to work extensive hours just to raise enough money to create a trip like yours..." so I signed up thinking I would get more excited about it...well...I didnt :( Barely any of my friends are going, and the rooming is the worst part. The 4 guys I at least know are all rooming together and me being left behind, am now grouped with 3 grade 12's (im in 11) who I dont even know! It would be so awkward. I wanna go talk to the organizing teacher about perhaps getting my own room or else im not going, but im too chicken to even go mention it to him. So as time ticks away closer to the trip in March, I still am not able to decide what to do. I know id enjoy the trip and have lots of stories to tell afterwards, and id feel bad for not going after everyone tells us how good it was if I didnt go. I just cannot decide what to do. My parents have payed for the trip and its hard for them too because I have told them I am not too interested in the trip anymore, but I dont want to drop the trip yet just incase something happens. So they dont know what to do, and neither do I. I would just like some advice! I love the destinations and th eplans, but I just cannot get excited for the trip and feel more or less uncomfortable about it. While others cannot wait for the day to come when we leave, im hoping that day never comes! Thank you for any help :)

Answer on I Need Some Advice! Should I Go On This School Trip!?!? Very Uncomfortable About It!?

Go. Like you said, your parents have already paid, and it might most possibly turn out super fun and interesting! If you feel like it's awkward to talk to the Grade 12's, you can just stay out of their way. But they're also just human beings, and only a grade above you, and you don't have to feel intimidated by them! Remember that. Just go and have as much fun as you want to.