Saturday, August 18, 2007

Why has racism become so popular in Europe? Remember the Holocaust?

Finland has become the next Country to fall victim to the insanity of racism with the far right populist True Finns party becoming the 3rd largest Parliament. How can Europe think this is acceptable? France banned the burqa last month and has also denied access to a train load of asylum seekers. Italy remains a bastion of racism with Lega Nord still in coalition and out right fascist parties becoming even more popular. In Greece poor immigrants have been murdered by locals for being foreigners. Worst of all is Hungary with over 2000 uniformed citizens patrolling the streets in one town and forcefully evicting gypsies. These people were not Police officers but neo nazis. Also Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium have embraced the far right, scapegoating and racist rhetoric. What has happened?

Answer on Why has racism become so popular in Europe? Remember the Holocaust?

If we support the Left then they will turn us all into slaves for the moslem interlopers and uneducated foreign savages from Africa.

Poll: Do i look like.....??

Selena Gomez??
My Friends, Family and Strangers say i do.
I saw this kid on the street who asked me 4 my autograph.. like wtf!!
do i??
if i do, do u think she is hot or something??

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Holy crap! You do look like her!