Sunday, September 30, 2007

Move to Italy or Australia?

I live in England and want to live and study in a different country.
I love Italy, the language and it's in Europe so I'd see my family.
But I also love Australia because the weather, lifestyle, etc.
Can't decide!!

Answer on Move to Italy or Australia?

i'm australian and i would say australia obviously, but it's just so far away from everything and everyone!
depends, australia wold be a lot more expensive but you'd be a big hit over here as aussies love accents, hahaha.
but italy would be amazing too plus you'd stay close to your family.
it really depends on the kind of experience you want.
australia is very laid back and sunny (most of the time, not to mention summer just started 2 days ago and its been nothing but monsoon! seriously)
but italy would be entirely different such as language and lifestyle
hope this helps.
p.s if you decide to come to australia, choose melbourne or perth!
brisbane people are up themselves and sydney is very dangerous
melbourne (where i live) is absolutely beautiful and is very multcultural, and perth a little more quiet but also a gorgeous city
good luck :)