Thursday, October 18, 2007

Is Age Just A Number at my age, Am I in love?

Im 15, and recently I have been on a holiday in Italy.
I became really attracted to one of the waitresses in the Hotel I was at. I called her beautiful meaning it.Later we talked a bit but me being english and her being italian we were not on the same channel.One day I asked her where she was from because she spoke different Italian to some other people i had met, she told me straight away she was from Albania.
That didn't put me off, and each day I looked forward to seeing her at lunch and dinner etc. Before I was leaving i bought her a present. She came up to me later on and told me that it was beautiful and thanks you very much for it.I then asked how old she was and she was 28. I was shocked me being 15. That night she wispered to me whilst serving "You are beautiful aswell" The next day it was time to go and after kissing me on the cheek with others i saw her later tidying up and kissed her properly on the lips with a proper goodbye.I went home the next day crying missing her.

Answer on Is Age Just A Number at my age, Am I in love?

Well since you were in another country I suppose she didn't care how young you were. You are a quite young to be going after a 28 year old but hey you know I've liked older women when I was 15 also. I would say you really liked her a lot but not loved her. Since she lives in Italy there is nothing more you can do but I suggest you move on and start talking to girls closer to you. Later on you will meet someone else and not feel so bad anymore. By the way since your 15 stick to girls under 18 for now because of the law but when you are 18 feel free to hook up with as many older women as you please.