Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Dont no what to do so confused?!?

hi so my bf has been on facebook a lil more lately so this morning as he is sleeping i logged into his account to have a look and i went into his private messages all are deleted except one saying sorry i must have been a bit horny when i sent that message to you.

this message was sent to an ex gf of his (over 15 years ago he was ina relationship with her) also she lives in italy us in ireland so i no nothing has physically happened Between them.

I feel sick after finding this regardless of weather this is just a message or not i feel betrayed.

We are in a relationship nearly 5 years and have a child together.

I don't know weather to say it to him because if iwasn't snooping i wouldn't have found it.

Anyone with some advice on what to do is greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

Answer on Dont no what to do so confused?!?

Trust is obviously an issue if you feel the need to read his private messages, but overall, it's probably a good job you did.

Talking, confrontation, openness and trust are vital if a relationship is going to be successful. You need to confront him about this, so he can explain to you why he sent it, and so you can both move on and make sure it doesn't happen again.

best of luck to you both.