Friday, January 4, 2008

Why do 'real music fans' tend to be musically ignorant?

It's a genuine issue I am having at the moment.

I am a music fan, plain and simple. I can appreciate all styles of music and I can really listen to anything. My collection consists of a variety of different styles from pop, metal, grunge, jazz, classical etc.

At the moment, I'm going through a pop phase and I'm listening to artists like McFLY, Avril Lavigne, Joe McElderry, Justin Bieber, JLS etc and I am constantly getting annoyed at my friends who all love Metallica and Iron Maiden religiously. They won't even LISTEN to albums I recommend because it's not 'real music' yet this defeats the whole point of music in general.

What are they scared of? I like all the bands they like, but I just like variety.

Answer on Why do 'real music fans' tend to be musically ignorant?

Because they're close-minded and fool themselves into thinking they have some sense of entitlement to say what's "real music" and what isn't. Most of them ultimately grow out of that elitism as they get older....and others don't.