Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lady gaga born this way video?

So i tried to watch the lady gaga video, but in the beginning was she giving BIRTH!?!?!
im feeling so sick guys please tell me she doesnt show the whole birth process to the viewer, im just 13 and i feel light headed and i want to hurl...please help me i know i shouldnt be watching the video anyways, just please help me.....:'(:'(:'(

Answer on Lady gaga born this way video?

Nah it doesn't continue! I know what you mean, felt the same when watching hurricane by 30 seconds to mars at first but then it doesn't bother you anymore after awhile when you watch it a couple of times! It's artistic!

A sad heartbreak and hate song song?

well its been an awful day..
this guy likes me and i like him back... but he accidentally kissed some girl..
im not his girlfriend so i guess i have no right to be jealous but i am and
its killing me
but anyways is there some sad heart break/hate song i could listen to..
i like pop rock and stuffs like that
i listen to umm
my chemical romance
boys like girls
katy perry
err taylor swift i guess
lady gaga
and people like that...

Answer on A sad heartbreak and hate song song?

Try the song "Goodbye" by Secondhand Serenade :-)