Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Couple Sets? Thoughts on these names?

These are name for couples I have used in the past. Tell which do you like the most.

Drake and Silvia
Dexter and Zoe
Charles and Ramona
Riley and Lenore
Harvey and Leona
Rain and Valencia
Solomon and Editha
Damon and Magnolia

Thanks in advance!
Please give a comment for each name!

BQ1: Which is your favorite?
BQ2: Which one is your least favorite?

Answer on Couple Sets? Thoughts on these names?

Drake evokes the open sea and grand adventure. Silvia is rather dark and mysterious.

Dexter sounds like the name of a truly crazy person or a button-down guy - - - a name of extremes - - - a guy who people love or hate. Zoe seems ethereal.

Charles sounds like a stand-up guy. Ramona sounds a bit chilly.

Riley is a man who works for a living - - - - maybe a plumber or electrician. Lenore sounds like a very average person.

Harvey is a sweet guy who's half-a-bubble off but very intelligent - - - - just a little ditsy - - - in a good way. Fun to be around. Leona sounds like a harsh woman who actually has people's best interests at heart. At her core, she's kind.

Rain - - - - I guess this is the guy. I don't know. I don't really like it. I love the rain, but I'm not sure about it as a name. It seems so vague. Valencia sounds pretentious. So it makes me think of someone who is not well off.

Solomon is so Jewish. Combining it with Editha makes me visualize a very Jewish couple retired in Florida. On a golf course. Atrocious clothes. But very good people. Kind. Generous.

Damon is a name that always seems dark to me. I wouldn't trust him. Magnolia conjures the image of a rather unfocused woman who is nonetheless strong. Good hearted woman, though.

BQ1: Drake & Silvia

BQ 2: Rain and Valencia