Monday, May 5, 2008

Is Selena Gomez Dating Nick Jonas?

Ok I added Nick Jonas om facebook and it says in relationship with SELENA GOMEZ! Then i found ANOTHER facebook Nick Jonas and it says in relashionship with DEMI LAVATO! I am soo confused who is he dateing! And btw i kno those nick facebooks arent real ;o) But im just confused if the facs are..?

Answer on Is Selena Gomez Dating Nick Jonas?

Here's the down low.

Nick Jonas is single.

Demi Lovato is single.

Kim Kardashian is cock-blocking Justin Bieber who is going after Selena Gomez who is going after the Glee HUNK, Mark Salling.

Selena Gomez was caught texting Mark A LOT during the TCA's. There cleared up for you?

My proof?
The Gomez Gossip i-Magazines and THEIR resources!