Thursday, May 15, 2008

How do I convince my dad to take his blood pressure medication?

He is scaring me! He had kept it down on his ownfor the first few years with a strict diet and exercise... Hes a serious health nut. He also exercises 2+ hours a day and now it isn't keeping his blood pressure down anymore. He came over here the other day talking about how some days he wishes he was dead and that if he wanted to commit suicide all he'd have to do is eat dinner at a mexican restaraunt like regular joe. And then he came over on another day and started cleaning out his things, like pictures out of his albums he didn't want me to see if something happened to him and was telling me what kind of things i would find in his storage and that i could go through it all if something happened... talking about how you never know if it could be your last day. He hates pills and he won't take his medicine even if he needs it!! He would rather let himself die then let himself take a pill!! I don't want to live without my daddy how do i get him to take his medication! He is only 47!

Answer on How do I convince my dad to take his blood pressure medication?

Hypertension may cause heart attack, stroke and/or acute kidney failure. It is a silent killer.
Ask him to conduct kidney function tests (for microalbuminuria, creatinine, blood urea nitrogen) and heart (for left ventricular enlargement/hypertrophy) and retina (for hypertensive retinopathy).
Adopt DASH diet (The Mediterranean diet). Eat a low-cholesterol, low-fat diet, which includes cottage cheese, fat-free milk, fish, vegetables, poultry, and egg whites. Use monounsaturated oils such as olive, peanut, and canola oils or polyunsaturated oils such as corn, safflower, soy, sunflower, cottonseed, and soybean oils. Avoid foods with excess fat in them such as meat (especially liver and fatty meat), egg yolks, whole milk, cream, butter, shortening, pastries, cakes, cookies, gravy, peanut butter, chocolate, olives, potato chips, coconut, cheese (other than cottage cheese), coconut oil, palm oil, and fried foods.
Purchase one blood pressure monitor and check blood pressure daily.