Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I need help with boys and height!?

I am 13, and im in 7th grade. I AM NOT EVEN 5 FOOT YET!!! im more like 4'11! i am really short! is there anyway i can grow taller? and what are some good diet tips? and how the HELL am i gunna get a boy to like me when im this short! plz help! and im really scared because people say a girl stops growin when she gets her period! and i got my peroid like last september! IM SCARED! HELP!

Answer on I need help with boys and height!?

no no no no no! dont sorry U stop growing aroundish 15 + u also grow like another inch or two after that um heres what u do!>

* DRINK MILK!! its the best thing u can do! it gives your bones calcium and helps them grow so drink pleanty a day! around 2 two glasses at minimum.

* DONT SLOUCH! sitting straight not only gives you an apperance of looking taller and prevents hunches when u get older but also helps your bones grow! since your in the correct position the bones dont need to struggle to grow because theres no need.

* SWIM swim as often as u can.. join a swim team if your desperate! lol um cus swimming doesnt put any preasure on your bones and allows your body to b somewhat weightless... not sure how it works but trust me it does! =D

* if u eat healthy and excersise that ALWAYS helps + also try doing specific excersises that focus on height inprovment (look those up on the internet)

Trust me these tips helped me! ^ I was a shrimp for a while and now I'm like 5 three in 7th grade and proud =D