Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Did Nicki Minaj use to be a man?

A lot of her lyrics describe her as a man, there's no way that derriere of hers can be real (and if it is, the monstrosity of a thing seriously needs a reduction before it eats Lil Wayne). I understand that Minaj wants to be more assertive, which is why she takes on a more masculine role (king, Roman, etc.) but when society is far more egalitarian than it was before, it seems absurd.

Also, is she ripping off Lady Gaga with the pink hair and the clothes and the wannabe Barbie gimmick?

Answer on Did Nicki Minaj use to be a man?

There were rumors that she's a lesbian, but no solid proof that she was a man at all.
(I don't believe it personally.)