Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sugar-Free Buckeyes recipe?

Hey ya'll,
I've been seeking a recipe for Sugar-Free Buckeyes for the past little while and haven't had any luck. My wife and I started a diet that prohibits sugar (and quite a few other bad carbohydrates) not very long ago and since then I've successfully lost weight and I want to continue to eat foods that I enjoy (for example, Buckeyes). I've always liked foods that contain Peanut Butter and Chocolate, and ever since my wife and mother-in-law (who are both Ohio natives) made Buckeyes for me a few years ago (at around Christmastime) I've been hooked on them. If anyone can help me out by providing a great recipe for Sugar-Free Ohio Buckeyes, I would be very grateful.

Answer on Sugar-Free Buckeyes recipe?

My husband is diabetic, and I've found that you can substitute Splenda for sugar in nearly any cookies (or cakes - cheesecake is especially good). You can use sugar-free chocolate candy bars for the filling (Hershey's makes some) - and there's also sugar-free chocolate syrup. Or, you can use unsweetened cocoa powder with Splenda......You can find low-carb peanut butter, but most regular peanut butter has very little sugar in it.....