Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where should I go for vacation overseas?

It will be me and my friend with my mom and her mom. We are 17 and 19 yrs old. Last year we went to Italy (Rome, Capri, Positano...) And we'd like to go somewhere different this year, but somewhere with a lot of locals. If you know what Positano is, that's basically the perfect place for us. So we want something similar to that atmosphere but different sights and things to do. Somewhere with friendly locals and good food, fun clubs, etc.

Answer on Where should I go for vacation overseas?

Have you thought about going to Santorini.

What is your favorite...?

...'Feel good about yourself' song? A few I can think of are Raise your Glass and F'in perfect by P!nk, Firework, Born this Way, Who Says by Selena Gomez, We R who we R...to be honest I'm getting sick of that theme, I think people should be more original with the themes in their songs.

However, I have to say the best is Jessie J's 'Who you are.'


Answer on What is your favorite...?

The only feel good songs I can think of at the moment aren't 'feel good about yourself' songs, but 'feel good about yourself because they're good songs' songs.... They aren't to do with feeling good, they're just upbeat songs.
'Parklife' and 'Girls and Boys' by Blur. I just like them. I really like Blur.
And 'Slice of Heaven' by Dave Dobbyn is a feel good song because it is so happy.
'Something Good' by Bic Runga. I just love that song, its so nice.

So that was pretty much nothing to do with your question....

I do agree with you though, there have been heaps of those kinds of songs around recently. I do actually like Firework (oh my goodness, I like a Katy Perry song) and We R Who We R, but if everybody is singing about the same thing then it gets boring.