Thursday, September 4, 2008

Twin Name Update?

i asked earlier about my friends twins. she isnt finding out the sex and doesnt want me to tell u surname.
this is what she has picked out now. ( after some persuading on the dad's behalf)
Holly Jade and Lydia Joanna

Lydia Joanna and Rhys Michael

Jacob Edward and Noah Elijah

the Jacob instead of Jordan was the comprimise for Elijah.
they think they are identical but not sure yet. which is y there is boy/girl options.

hubby wanted for identicals
Tilly and Milly or Drake and Jake but we talked him out of it.

thanks for all the help.
so what do u think. even though they are not going to change she wants to know.

also she has just asked if anyone has the perfect 'E' middle name for Noah. thanks

Answer on Twin Name Update?

Thank God the husband didn't get his way! They're children, not cartoon characters! All the names she's chosen are gorgeous - how very exciting for all of you!

I need advice for a new phone?

I want a 3g phone that has facebook and twitter apps that's between 300 to 350 dollars, any good ideas? And may maybe with a querty keyboard?

Answer on I need advice for a new phone?

iPhone 3GS 16gb or 32gb