Monday, November 17, 2008

I don't understand? ....are my parents poor?

my dad says he earns around ?11 an hour, that's about average right? also my mum works too and she has her own business as well (not sure around how much she earns though)

my parents keep telling me that we are poor and also most of my friends who only have one parent working and get average pay keep re decorating their house and keep spending money on things like new cars and that, how do they get the money?!

we live in an average house but in a crappy area, we go on holidays like 2/3 times a year, however last year my dad when to visit his home in Italy around 5 times by plane?
i keep asking my parents if i can have a laptop or my own room or if we could move house but they keep telling me they can't afford it. but if they are that poor then why did they let me go on a very expensive school skii trip to Austria? i asked my dad and he said he only just managed to afford it and he wanted me to have the experience

i know i sound spoilt asking this question but i want to know because im not sure if im being too needy and if im making them spend too much for me :/

so do you think my parents are poor, but how when they earn average pay and earmn probably more than some of my friends when they seem like they are coping worse?

do you recon if they spent there money more wisely and started to save up more they could cope better?
thank you

Answer on I don't understand? ....are my parents poor?

You dont know. It sounds like you have great hard working parents who still want you to enjoy some of the good things in life.

Maybe they are saving for your future instead of spending money on things that dont really matter.

Be grateful that you have hard working parents who want good things for you.

Then go out and get the things you want. Work hard and earn it. The feeling you get when you can finally buy nice things for your parents is unimaginable.

You can do it. Plan and attack.

Is She Interested Or Just Stuck I Friend Zone ? (10 Points)?

I met a real cute girl almost two months ago through my cousin. That night I got home I had a friend request on facebook it was the girl. She invited me out that night but I Couldn't go and she said she would invite me next time. We started texting each other and one day she asked me to describe myself. My cousin decided to ask her bout me and she said we are just friends and she likes talking 2 me.I figured I should give up and while walking through the hangout area in college she texted me asking me "where am you going looking so bored" and when I walked back through later she texted me saying "there you go again". A Month ago was my birthday she texted me happy birthday on my facebook before it was even midnight. She told me she hopes I come to school so she can hug me .While headed home I got a call and it was her telling me that she sees me and to wait for her. She then hugged me and said she saw me before but that I walk 2 fast and she didn’t want to look stupid running.

A Month ago My Cousin saw her and the told her I like her. A day I was walking through the hall and she ran from behind and poked me from behind to come say hi. She usually waits for me before she goes home cause we finish at the same time. A few weeks ago she waited an hour for me and texted me that she would go home if I felt that she talked too much. She ended up waiting and we went to a pizza store where she bought 2 slices and she gave me a slice. I feel I might just be a friend to her, because she text me a lot almost every day and talks about how she hates her ex she dated a year ago and how guys try to get with her and how she isn’t they impressed. The only guy she has ever mentioned to me that she finds so cute and hot is Drake. Yesterday she texted me that she went on MSN the time that I am usually on and was surprised I wasn’t on. I told her I had some homework to do and she said it okay and she will leave me alone so I could finish. Last Week she saved a seat for me on the bus and told people she was saving the seat for her friend. My friend said her talking to me this often is not normal if she just want to be friends even though she does talk a lot. Two weeks ago I was walking through the hall and I apparently walked by her without saying anything and she called asking me why I ignored her.Two Days ago She posted on her facebook that" she fell in love with a man she met in her dreams". Friday It was raining bad and she texted me hoping that I Didn't leave my house. I told Her I have to take the bus home and she told me goodluck hun.

Answer on Is She Interested Or Just Stuck I Friend Zone ? (10 Points)?

She likes you, oh yeah, she likes you! She just doesn't want to come out and say it, she wants you to! So grab hold of your nuts, and be a man! Sorry for being so explicit, it's just that I'm a girl, 26 years of age, and these are things I used to do! She wants to hear you say that you would never do to her what her ex did, etc, etc! Hope this helps!!!! Good luck!