Monday, December 8, 2008

What should I wear; hair, outfit, and makeup?

Ok PLEASE help me!?
I got invited to a "Murder Mystery Party" playing the role of "Alex Christie".
This is what the character description says:
"Alex Christie is the ultra-mysterious DNA analyst from Los Angeles, California. Even though Alex has been a Crime Scene Investigator for over ten years, nobody TRUELY knows the real Alex."
then the Costume Descriptions box says:
"A trench coat, and a fedora hat and any type of investigation tools - notepad, latex gloves, forceps, etc."
soo, what should I wear exactly? Like be specific cuz idk what that hat is, and where can I get this all for really cheap..?
What should I do for my hair and makeup?
Were all 15-16 so nothing too much.
Oh and I just thought of the Selena Gomez Round and Round music video...she's wearing a trench coat and hat and glasses..? What about this and details?
Thanks guys! I appreciate the help! :)

Answer on What should I wear; hair, outfit, and makeup?

Well, no makeup or loose hair, those could contaminate a crime scene.

You should have two pairs of gloves, one you put on before you get there and wear the entire time and another pair that you wear over them when you want to inspect something... lol

Maybe clean and shiny rubber riding boots...