Thursday, December 11, 2008

How Come in Italy the Gerund (Ando/Endo) Isn't Used Much?

"Lui sta faccendo compiti.".
("He is doing homework.")

I use the gerund a lot, because it's easy, but people who are better than me at Italian don't use it as often and use the present tense sometimes instead. Why?

Answer on How Come in Italy the Gerund (Ando/Endo) Isn't Used Much?

Well, the Gerund is different from Present progressive.
In Italian the Gerund means a lot of things, (Eg. Andando al lavoro ho incontrato Marco - Going to work I met Marco.
In this case the Gerund could mean - while I was going to work- when I was going to work- Since I was going to work-) 'couse the Gerund is an "impersonal" verb.
So we often prefer to use the sentence in a "personal verb" as present or imperfect, just to make the sentence more clear.
But we use Present progressive too...when the action is takes place in a specific moment, or in the moment while you're talking, or in the moment when a specific situation happened, just like you do! The only difference is that you even use it to explain a programmed act (eg. I'm going to circus on Sunday-we don't say Sto andando al circo Domenica, we say Andro (or Ho intenzione di andare) al circo Domenica)
Hope it helps XD!!