Friday, December 12, 2008

Good afternoon R&P, Can you hear the voice of Anna's ghost? (#34)?

Hi Everybody.
Here's part two of my make-up day double header (thanks to my jury duty summons). This is today's scheduled tune.

Well, here's the top 101, mix tape rules song of the day. Mix tape rules simply means that I only allowed myself one song by each act. I hope you all enjoy it.

First off, here are the recent selections:
45. Delta Spirit - Parade
44. Polvo - Thermal Treasure
43. Fuazi - Place Position
42. Beck - Guess I'm Doing Fine
41. Nick Drake - Things Behind the Sun
40. Brian Wilson - Surf's Up
39. Aimee Mann - It's Not
38. The Silver Jews - The Wild Kindness
37. Billy Joel - Laura
36. Sebadoh - Homemade
35. Sonic Youth - Dirty Boots

For number 34 I don't really have a ton to say. An amazing song from a really great record. Beautifully written song. I hope you all enjoy it.

Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea…

So, how did you like it?

Thanks a lot everybody. I really appreciate the listening and commenting. Thanks for keeping this thing going.

I mentioned in my previous post, but just to say again, I intend to post the whole list to date with tomorrow's installment. So, if you're new to the list, or are just curious about what came before what you can see check in with me for number 33. Thanks

Answer on Good afternoon R&P, Can you hear the voice of Anna's ghost? (#34)?

hi prof

i still don't get it.
it started off ok, but soon degenerated into extremely annoying. is that yelping puppies in the background?

is this really one of the best records ever?