Thursday, January 15, 2009

Help what would you do and think about this?

I was extremely close with these two twin girls. We went to the same university together one moved away to europe for a year. So, I even went with the one sister to visit the other. We had a bit of a falling out I was really drunk with them when we went out to a bar. They lied just to get me to go out in out that night in the first place. On the way home in a cab I brought up things i never mentioned that they both had done to me that upset me.I was very mean about it. This was the first time in 2 years i ever even yelled at them. They have countlessly been drunk and been mean to mean while drunk before and I always forgave them. But, when it was the other way around they both talked badly about me to my other friends about that night. It hurt alot just because that was the only time I had been that drunk around them and acted in that way. I appoligized obviously. But would you trust a friend who speaks poorly of you to your other friends? (I was drunk and i said a few mean things but I truly didn't mean them I was obviously upset about things in the past I never brought up bc I don't like to fight) I haven't talk to these old friends in 4 months though i know they think about me and I of them. I'm very close with this other girl and just the other day on facebook my old friends (one of the twins) wrote on my new best friends wall WHY WOULD she really though if she never talks to her? she indirectly trying to reach out to me?... just your thoughts.. kind of upset still :

Answer on Help what would you do and think about this?

I think instead of writing overly long confusing questions here, you need to reevaluate your relationship with alcohol.